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Formaldehyde Free Cabinets – A Star Furnishing

October 28, 2019

Ever experience a pungent smell after you renovate your new home?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then you have been breathing air-bone chemical pollutants. These are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde emitted from new built furniture. The pollutants come from the harmful chemicals that are frequently used in renovation works.

a star furnishing formaldehyde cabinet

Of course, they are detrimental to your body. They cause poor indoor air quality, which lead to headache, fatigue and respiratory irritation. To make things worse, research studies also suggest that long-term exposure to such pollutants increase the risk of cancer!

You may think your home may be safe after a long period of time, when these harmful chemicals diffuse away from your home. But, this is rarely the case. The chemicals used in your furniture will continuously emit pollutants even for long period of time!

Just a few years back, NEA received 12 complaints from homeowne樂威壯 rs over body discomfort after renovation works. After conducting several tests, chemical pollutants (VOCs and formaldehyde) are found to be ten times higher than the normal limit.

So, what should you do to protect you and your family?

Carefully research your renovation company before engaging them. Check that their products are of low-VOCs and low-formaldehyde.

Additionally, increase ventilation of your new home after renovation works are done. This is the more preferred way of lowering the level of chemical pollutants to safe levels. Surrounding air can help to dilute the concentration of chemical pollutants, thereby ‘cleaning’ your indoor air.

Lastly, invest in air cleaners that can improve indoor air quality. Choose air cleaners with activated carbon which can effectively adsorb harmful pollutants from indoor air.

A Star Furnishing Cabinets

We at A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd has been actively developing safe furniture for their customers. A certified test shows that our emission is well below the limits for safe usage. Our products, aluminium kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, are very safe for pregnant women and children.

a star furnishing formaldehyde cabinet report

Never risk your health, choose the safe option!

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