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Vanity Cabinets

Find best designed and high quality vanity cabinets by A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd.

Strong & Durable

Our vanity cabinets are made using high quality aluminium. This means that your vanity cabinet will be stronger and last longer. It 

Easy To Maintain

Aluminium vanity cabinets are very easy to maintain. While it is common to get your vanity cabinet dirty from daily usage, all you need is just a simple wipe and your vanity cabinet is as good as new!

Aesthetically Beautiful

We have in-house full time designers that will customise your vanity cabinet design to fit your preference and style. We promise outstanding design that is reliable and safe.


Choose a Door Design

We proudly offer a selection of three distinct kitchen cabinet door designs, catering to a range of personal preferences and styles.
kitchen cabinet door design 1
Foam board with ABS edging
18mm THK foam board with 0.6 high density foam board with laminate finish and ABS edging
100% Waterproof, Easy Maintenance, Less formaldehyde, Anti Termites, More colour option
Recommended for indoor cabinet door, kitchen cabinet and vanity cabinet doors
Can't sustain too much weight, not suitable for heavy scale cabinet doors
kitchen cabinet door design 3
Glass door with aluminium edging
1.2mm THK Aluminium frame and 5mm glass panel finish
100% Waterproof, Easy Maintenance, Less formaldehyde, Anti Termites, More colour option
Recommended for kitchen cabinet and vanity cabinet
Not suitable for heavy scale cabinet doors and relatively long lead time to handover project.


Vanity Cabinet Design Structure

kitchen cabinet design structure 1


Interlinking between 2 Aluminium plank
Firm and strong product
Wear resistance and durable
No deformation
kitchen cabinet structure new 1

Cabinet Edging

Using 100% Aluminium customised edging
Varieties of choices for colour matching with doors
Matching Aluminium edging profile to beautify and provide a seamless design
Heat resistance to prevent ABS from peeling off
kitchen cabinet design structure 3

Floor Trap Cover

100% aluminium skirting and draining cut out with cover
Matching Aluminium base to beautify and provide a seamless design
Prevent cockroaches from entering and exiting drain holes
Save cost on the mortar base
kitchen cabinet design structure 4

Aluminium Cabinet Base

Using 100% Aluminium frame as cabinet base
Fast and neat installation
Strong equivalent to mortar base
Free of charge, Save cost on the mortar base
Varieties of choices for colour matching with cabinet and doors
kitchen cabinet design feature 2 Cropped

Box Up Drainage Pipe

Available to do custom made box-up accordingly to cover drainage pipe
Look nice and tidy
no wet area and anti mould
kitchen cabinet structure new 2

Stainless Steel Hinges

A STAR Brand stainless steel hinges
Stainless steel hinges with soft closing
Available in full cap and half cap hinges to save more space for storage
Had use in market for 6 years with good customer feedback
kitchen cabinet design structure 7

Strong Shelf Support

Sustain large weight items on shelves
Sustain up to 30kg using  Removable shelving using copper stud
Sustain Up To 70kg Using Fixed shelf using v slot rail and special design 
kitchen cabinet design feature 8

Ventilation Grill

Using 100% Aluminium ventilation grill base
Varieties of choices for colour matching with cabinet and doors
Matching aluminium ventilation grill to beautify and provide a Uniform design

Need Custom Made Vanity Cabinet?

We have in-house designers who will tailor our aluminium vanity cabinet to fit your style. Our exquisite designs come with a realistic 3D model which allows you to visualise our creation and perfect it to your style.

Why Choose A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd?


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We invest heavily in R&D and source the best aluminium in the world.


With over years of renovation experience, A Star Furnishing has successfully transformed many Singapore homes.


We are very confident with our aluminium products, and that is why is provide 10 years warranty for all our products.

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