Kitchen Cabinets Singapore

Need a Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet?

A Star Furnishing is a professional interior designer and kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Singapore and we can definitely make your ideal kitchen come to reality! We provide exquisite kitchen cabinets design using aluminium. Contact us and get a free quote today!

Kitchen Cabinets Design

Learn more on what constitute a good kitchen cabinet design below.

Highly Efficient

It is more efficient to design your kitchen cabinets such that your main workstations are as closed as possible. An exemplary example would be one where you won’t have to make many steps to move from one station to another.

Matches Your Home Design

Ask yourself what kind of style you want in your kitchen. Do you want a retro kitchen style or a modern looking one? This will determine the colours and design that you want of your kitchen cabinets.


The material you choose for your kitchen cabinets design is extremely important in ensuring safety. We recommend using aluminium kitchen cabinets as they are not flammable.

Where To Buy Kitchen Cabinets In Singapore?

You can choose to buy ready made kitchen cabinets or custom made kitchen cabinets in Singapore. Of course, ready made cabinets are relatively cheaper as they are mass produced. A popular place to buy ready made kitchen cabinets in Singapore would be IKEA.

If you are looking to buy custom made kitchen cabinets in Singapore, you can check out our A Star kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets custom made to fit your own kitchen and we can design the kitchen cabinets to fit your preferences.

Most important, our kitchen cabinets are made from aluminium, rather than the conventional wooden kitchen cabinets. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are better than wooden kitchen cabinets as they are much more durable, easier to maintain and water-resistant.

A Star Furnishing is the top aluminium kitchen cabinet supplier in Singapore. To know more about our aluminium kitchen cabinets, contact us here!