Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet Pros & Cons

If you are working on the home renovation or kitchen interior designing, you might be confused to either go with wood or aluminum kitchen cabinet. It is worth wondering as the kitchen is the place that not only needs to be functionally flawless but also visually masterwork. Wood and aluminum both are the options for kitchen cabinets but the recent trend has left the wood behind for its countless flaws and aluminum has won for its tremendous advantages.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 03
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 03

What is the aluminum kitchen cabinet and how aluminum won this war of betterment with wood? Explore before investing in your cabinets.

About Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminum is an outstanding metal that has marked its place in the kitchen and revolutionized kitchen cabinetry. Aluminum kitchen cabinets are truly in demand and trendy home renovation options that come with sleek finishing and offer various cabinet parts to make your kitchen functional and spacious. You may have drawers, shelves, back panels, and carcasses with this astounding aluminum in customizable colors and designs.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 08
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 08

Pros of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminum is a safe and durable alternative to wood cabinets and has many advantages but still here are some pros and cons of both, wood and aluminum.

Durability & Ease of Maintenance

Aluminum kitchen cabinets are more durable and easier to maintain as their non-porous surface offers no hindrance and you clean with a damp cloth even without any cleansing agent or detergent. On the contrary, wooden cabinets have irregular surfaces with pores that cause trouble while cleaning and still not properly cleaned.

Fire Resistance

It is the superb feature of aluminum that it is fire resistant and provides extra safety to the house. It can easily withstand high temperatures without burning while wood is opposite to it and catch fire. This metallic characteristic gives plus point to be king of kitchen cabinet materials.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 11
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 11

Heat & Humidity Tolerance

As aluminum is a stable metal that is not being affected by temperature or humidity. The temperature of the kitchen is usually high that wood cannot withstand but aluminum is free from such any problems. It is also not affected by the high humidity of the kitchen while wood can swell up in moist conditions.


Aluminum cabinets are often underestimated due to their metallic look misconception. It is wrong. You can match any color and design with your interior as there is a vast option of customization. Wood comes in the traditional look and has no such a broad range of customization options with the recent trend. That is why wood is losing its place from the kitchen.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 09
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 09


This is a benchmark in aluminum standards that it is waterproof. There is no need to be worried about if you have aluminum kitchen cabinets because no-spill can be absorbed on the surface and you can easily wipe-off. Wood has this major drawback of being soaked up with any liquid that may affect its appearance and function.

Pest Resistance

Thanks to aluminum kitchen cabinets to make our kitchen pests free! Aluminum offers no surviving space and condition to the pests and make us carefree for pest infestation. Wood is quite bad in it as termites and pests love to reside in wooden cabinets. Make your kitchen insects and pests free this year and install aluminum kitchen cabinets in this home renovation plan.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 01
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 01

Aluminum Quality

This is a big market problem of aluminum quality that makes it less sturdy and people go for wooden cabinets. You must also keep in mind to ask your renovation contractor to use tested and certified aluminum. This decisive action is boycotted in our renovation contraction policy. We ensure the best quality of aluminum to save you from any trouble.

Cons of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminum is Noisy!

Many people reject aluminum and claim their noise. It might be true if you have installed your cabinets from unprofessional contractors. They design cabinets without considering their installation needs. So, be wise when calling to the contractors and select an experienced skillful interior designer for this task.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 04
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 04

We give aluminum kitchen cabinet installation and renovation services with our highly trained professionals and interior designers.

Aluminum is Expensive!

You are right at this point that aluminum is more expensive than wood but it would be worth investing. Home renovation or designing for the first time is time and money taking task but if you wisely invest it would be more fruitful. A good kitchen cabinet is going to last at least 10 years or more. If you look durability, ease of maintenance, resistant properties, and versatility, you will not miss the chance of installing aluminum kitchen cabinets.


In terms of quality and benefits, aluminum kitchen cabinets definitely outweigh the wooden counterparts. Though aluminum cabinets may be expensive, it is still a worthy investment to make. These cabinets can stay on in pristine condition for up to 20 years, with warranty for 10 years!

A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd is probably the largest aluminum kitchen cabinets supplier and manufacturer, and we distribute our kitchen cabinets to many renovation and interior design firms in Singapore. We have served over 1000+ local families and businesses with many positive feedback!

We want to transform our home to something you won't even images - one of supreme quality and exquisite design. Contact us today for a free non-obligatory quote!

A Star Furnishing Products Are Now Certified Green

astar furnishing green products

Global climate change has proved to be one of the challenges in our 21st century. With rising global temperature and extreme weather conditions all around the globe, humans have undoubtedly faced the serious ramifications of unsustainable economic growth. We can no longer ignore the climate implications as we progress as a nation. Sustainable development is perhaps the way to go, and that includes changing our lifestyle choices and incorporating technology to reduces our carbon footprint.

Green products are one of the key ways recognized to be worthwhile in the fight against global climate change. This is because the manufacturing of green products has a smaller environmental footprint, scare resource usage. Hence, green construction and building play an imperative role toward shaping a more environmentally future.

A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd is proud to announce that we are certified green by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC). This scheme is highly regarded as one of the key benchmarks for green products in the furniture manufacturing industry in Singapore. Administered by Building Certification Authority in Singapore, certified companies have gone through a series of rigorous product testing.

Green Furniture - Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd signature aluminum kitchen cabinet product are proven green by SGBC. Using only environmentally friendly materials, consumers do not have to worry of the harmful chemical effects that comes from the low-quality materials used by conventional cabinets in the market.

astar furnishing green product

Ever since we started manufacturing and supply aluminum furniture for suppliers in Singapore, we strive to produce the best, safest and clean furniture in Singapore. In terms of quality, we regularly ensure that our products perform way better than what our competitors can offer to consumers in Singapore.

Not only are our product environmentally green, our cabinets are also formaldehyde free. Hence, our products are very safe to use among families with elderly or children as our furniture will not cause any health and breathing damages.

Buying Eco Furniture

When you buy a furniture that is environmentally friendly, you help to save the environment by producing less waste and using less resources that may have detrimental effects to our environment. Also, it gives a strong signal to producers that you as consumers are willing to choose environmentally friendly products compared to other conventional ones, hence encouraging manufacturers to focus on eco products soon. Hence, consumers do actually play a pivotal role in saving our environment.

astar furnishing green product 2
astar furnishing green product 2

Formaldehyde Free Cabinets – A Star Furnishing

Ever experience a pungent smell after you renovate your new home?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then you have been breathing air-bone chemical pollutants. These are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde emitted from new built furniture. The pollutants come from the harmful chemicals that are frequently used in renovation works.

a star furnishing formaldehyde cabinet

Of course, they are detrimental to your body. They cause poor indoor air quality, which lead to headache, fatigue and respiratory irritation. To make things worse, research studies also suggest that long-term exposure to such pollutants increase the risk of cancer!

You may think your home may be safe after a long period of time, when these harmful chemicals diffuse away from your home. But, this is rarely the case. The chemicals used in your furniture will continuously emit pollutants even for long period of time!

Just a few years back, NEA received 12 complaints from homeowners over body discomfort after renovation works. After conducting several tests, chemical pollutants (VOCs and formaldehyde) are found to be ten times higher than the normal limit.

So, what should you do to protect you and your family?

Carefully research your renovation company before engaging them. Check that their products are of low-VOCs and low-formaldehyde.

Additionally, increase ventilation of your new home after renovation works are done. This is the more preferred way of lowering the level of chemical pollutants to safe levels. Surrounding air can help to dilute the concentration of chemical pollutants, thereby ‘cleaning’ your indoor air.

Lastly, invest in air cleaners that can improve indoor air quality. Choose air cleaners with activated carbon which can effectively adsorb harmful pollutants from indoor air.

A Star Furnishing Cabinets

We at A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd has been actively developing safe furniture for their customers. A certified test shows that our emission is well below the limits for safe usage. Our products, aluminium kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, are very safe for pregnant women and children.

a star furnishing formaldehyde cabinet report

Never risk your health, choose the safe option!

Home Interior Design Singapore

Tips For The Best Interior Home Designs In Singapore!

Anyone who has ever tried to decorate their home has encountered two problems: procrastination and inspiration. Interior home design is put off and put off again until it absolutely must be done... And home interior design in Singapore is much the same as it is anywhere else in the world. So how do you make your property stand out? You choose fixtures and fittings of the finest possible quality and you follow these tips, from A Star Furnishing!

Tips For Good Interior Home Design!

The majority of apartments in Singapore aren't big – but bigger doesn't always mean better. A successful home interior design project makes the best possible use of the space that you have – regardless of size. With that in mind we sourced a few tips for making the most of the home interior design in your Singapore home:

HBD Interior Design Ideas

Since the majority of Singapore relies on HBD housing it is only right that we have a number of ideas to help you turn your home into a haven! For a start; have you considered glass doors instead of wooden ones? Glass doors give the impression of light and extra space even when there is none. Making this one simple change could brighten up your whole living space.

Premium quality shelving is also a must for HBD apartment design in Singapore. Shelves help you store items without adding more cabinets. Flat screen televisions can be mounted on walls without the need for a unit to perch on. Likewise, hiring an interior designer to re-work the layout of your living space might just give you much more room than you had before.

If you need further inspiration for interior home design for your own Singapore HBD then please take a look through our gallery!

Selecting A Good Interior Designer In Singapore

There are a wealth of home interior designers in Singapore to chose from; but not all of them have quite the same devotion to craftsmanship, quality and versatility that we have here at A Star Furnishing. We have years of experience leading the interior design scene in Singapore and have countless satisfied customers to show for it. We invite everyone looking for the best interior home design in Singapore to contact us today... With a little work we can turn your home into a place you will never want to leave! 

Aluminium Cabinet Supplier in Singapore

Aluminium Cabinet Supplier in Singapore

Are you looking for aluminium cabinet supplier in Singapore? You have come to the right place! A STAR FURNISHING PTE LTD is a well-established aluminium cabinets supplier and manufacture in Singapore. We produce, design and install aluminium cabinets.

Aluminium cabinets have a plethora of benefits and advantages compared to wooden cabinets. The new generation of A STAR aluminium cabinets promises high quality cabinets that are more durable, longer-lasting and easier to maintain. This means that you have save up more money in the long-run with our superior aluminium cabinets.

As the aluminium cabinet supplier in Singapore, we worked with many renowned interior design companies in Singapore. We provide aesthetic aluminium kitchen cabinets to many households in Singapore!

A STAR FURNISHING PTE LTD has over 12 years of experience in supplying and installing aluminium cabinets in Singapore. If you are interested in getting aluminium cabinets for your new home, do feel free to contact us for a free quote.

Aluminium Cabinets Benefits - Do They Worth The Price?

Aluminium cabinets are now increasing popular in Singapore. In the recent years, more homeowners have change in taste and preference. They tend to choose higher quality aluminium cabinets compared to cabinets made from inferior materials, though it may be slightly costly. This is because aluminium cabinets are more durable, longer-lasting and easy to maintain. Sounds cool right? But, you may ask, do aluminum cabinets really worth the price in the long run? This article will share with you more on the benefits of aluminium cabinets so that you can make a more informed judgement.

astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 01
astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 01

Aluminium Cabinets Can Withstand Surrounding Temperature

With the humid weather in Singapore, it is quite common to find a change in size of your wooden cabinet and thus causing the cabinet to get out of the shape. The warped cabinets are making them a reject in customer’s eyes, and rightly so. However, this problem will not be getting any chance to haunt you anymore if you have chosen our product - Customized Aluminium Cabinet. This is because our aluminium cabinets can withstand, adapt to the changes in it’s surrounding temperature and will not absorb the moisture. Hence, little or no repairs are required, making it extremely easy to maintain.

astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 02
astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 02

They Are Not Threatened By Termites

Termites are also a lethal problem for wooden cabinets as once those wooden cabinets are constantly in contact with moisture in the air over a period of time, the cabinet will soon start to rot, turn moldy or infested by termites. This can lead to costly repairs and mounting frustration. In spite of that, our aluminium cabinets are not threatened by termite infestation as it is water-resistant so there will be no chance for you to go off on a rant as the cabinet will not rot and termite infestation will never occur.

astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 26
astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 26

They Are Easy To Clean

Perhaps the most dreaded house chore is cleaning the stained cabinets. We know, we know. But just imagine how great you will feel when no special care is required to clean the cabinets and there is no need to try hard on figuring out how to maintain the cabinets. By using our aluminium cabinets, when it comes to cleaning, all you need are only cloth and water, you will just have to wipe off the stain easily. As aluminium will not absorb any liquid, so there will be fewer worries for oil, sauce or any other spillage.

astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 27
astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 27

Aluminium Cabinets Are Safe

Last but not least, customers’ safety is also our priority. As our aluminium cabinets are fire rated, they can withstand a temperature up to 600 Degree Celsius and our powder-coating material can also withstand a temperature of 100 to 120 Degree Celsius for around one to two minutes. It is not as flammable as wooden furniture. Hence, it will never catch on fire and it might save you from experiencing such an unfortunate event.


Given the myriad of benefits aluminium cabinets bring to us, they are certainly worth the price in the long-run. The highly reliable cabinets will not give you a headache and save your maintenance cost. We supply high quality cabinets and feel free to contact us today for a free quote!