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Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet Pros & Cons

July 31, 2020

If you are working on the home renovation or kitchen interior designing, you might be confused to either go with wood or aluminum kitchen cabinet. It is worth wondering as the kitchen is the place that not only needs to be functionally flawless but also visually masterwork. Wood and aluminum both are the options for kitchen cabinets but the recent trend has left the wood behind for its countless flaws and aluminum has won for its tremendous advantages.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 03
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 03

What is the aluminum kitchen cabinet and how aluminum won this war of betterment with wood? Explore before investing in your cabinets.

About Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminum is an outstanding metal that has marked its place in the kitchen and revolutionized kitchen cabinetry. Aluminum kitchen cabinets are truly in demand and trendy home renovation options that come with sleek finishing and offer various cabinet parts to make your kitchen functional and spacious. You may have drawers, shelves, back panels, and carcasses with this astounding aluminum in customizable colors and designs.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 08
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 08

Pros of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminum is a safe and durable alternative to wood cabinets and has many advantages but still here are some pros and cons of both, wood and aluminum.

Durability & Ease of Maintenance

Aluminum kitchen cabinets are more durable and easier to maintain as their non-porous surface offers no hindrance and you clean with a damp cloth even without any cleansing agent or detergent. On the contrary, wooden cabinets have irregular surfaces with pores that cause trouble while cleaning and still not properly cleaned.

Fire Resistance

It is the superb feature of aluminum that it is fire resistant and provides extra safety to the house. It can easily withstand high temperatures without burning while wood is opposite to it and catch fire. This metallic characteristic gives plus point to be king of kitchen cabinet materials.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 11
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 11

Heat & Humidity Tolerance

As aluminum is a stable metal that is not being affected by temperature or humidity. The temperature of the kitchen is usually high that wood cannot withstand but aluminum is free from such any problems. It is also not affected by the high humidity of the kitchen while wood can swell up in moist conditions.


Aluminum cabinets are often underestimated due to their metallic look misconception. It is wrong. You can match any color and design with your interior as there is a vast option of customization. Wood comes in the traditional look and has no such a broad range of customization options with the recent trend. That is why wood is losing its place from the kitchen.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 09
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 09


This is a benchmark in aluminum standards that it is waterproof. There is no need to be worried about if you have aluminum kitchen cabinets because no-spill can be absorbed on the surface and you can easily wipe-off. Wood has this major drawback of being soaked up with any liquid that may affect its appearance and function.

Pest Resistance

Thanks to aluminum kitchen cabinets to make our kitchen pests free! Aluminum offers no surviving space and condition to the pests and make us carefree for pest infestation. Wood is quite bad in it as termites and pests love to reside in wooden cabinets. Make your kitchen insects and pests free this year and install aluminum kitchen cabinets in this home renovation plan.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 01
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 01

Aluminum Quality

This is a big market problem of aluminum quality that makes it less sturdy and people go for wooden cabinets. You must also keep in mind to ask your renovation contractor to use tested and certified aluminum. This decisive action is boycotted in our renovation contraction policy. We ensure the best quality of aluminum to save you from any trouble.

Cons of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminum is Noisy!

Many people reject aluminum and claim their noise. It might be true if you have installed your cabinets from unprofessional contractors. They design cabinets without considering their installation needs. So, be wise when calling to the contractors and select an experienced skillful interior designer for this task.

aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 04
aluminum kitchen cabinets pros cons 04

We give aluminum kitchen cabinet installation and renovation services with our highly trained professionals and interior designers.

Aluminum is Expensive!

You are right at this point that aluminum is more expensive than wood but it would be worth investing. Home renovation or designing for the first time is time and money taking task but if you wisely invest it would be more fruitful. A good kitchen cabinet is going to last at least 10 years or more. If you look durability, ease of maintenance, resistant properties, and versatility, you will not miss the chance of installing aluminum kitchen cabinets.


In terms of quality and benefits, aluminum kitchen cabinets definitely outweigh the wooden counterparts. Though aluminum cabinets may be expensive, it is still a worthy investment to make. These cabinets can stay on in pristine condition for up to 20 years, with warranty for 10 years!

A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd is probably the largest aluminum kitchen cabinets supplier and manufacturer, and we distribute our kitchen cabinets to many renovation and interior design firms in Singapore. We have served over 1000+ local families and businesses with many positive feedback!<樂威壯 /p>

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