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Aluminium Cabinets Benefits - Do They Worth The Price?

May 13, 2019

Aluminium cabinets are now increasing popular in Singapore. In the recent years, more homeowners have change in taste and preference. They tend to choose higher quality aluminium cabinets compared to cabinets made from inferior materials, though it may be slightly costly. This is because aluminium cabinets are more durable, longer-lasting and easy to maintain. Sounds cool r犀利士 ight? But, you may ask, do aluminum cabinets really worth the price in the long run? This article will share with you more on the benefits of aluminium cabinets so that you can make a more informed judgement.

astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 01
astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 01

Aluminium Cabinets Can Withstand Surrounding Temperature

With the humid weather in Singapore, it is quite common to find a change in size of your wooden cabinet and thus causing the cabinet to get out of the shape. The warped cabinets are making them a reject in customer’s eyes, and rightly so. However, this problem will not be getting any chance to haunt you anymore if you have chosen our product - Customized Aluminium Cabinet. This is because our aluminium cabinets can withstand, adapt to the changes in it’s surrounding temperature and will not absorb the moisture. Hence, little or no repairs are required, making it extremely easy to maintain.

astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 02
astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 02

They Are Not Threatened By Termites

Termites are also a lethal problem for wooden cabinets as once those wooden cabinets are constantly in contact with moisture in the air over a period of time, the cabinet will soon start to rot, turn moldy or infested by termites. This can lead to costly repairs and mounting frustration. In spite of that, our aluminium cabinets are not threatened by termite infestation as it is water-resistant so there will be no chance for you to go off on a rant as the cabinet will not rot and termite infestation will never occur.

astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 26
astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 26

They Are Easy To Clean

Perhaps the most dreaded house chore is cleaning the stained cabinets. We know, we know. But just imagine how great you will feel when no special care is required to clean the cabinets and there is no need to try hard on figuring out how to maintain the cabinets. By using our aluminium cabinets, when it comes to cleaning, all you need are only cloth and water, you will just have to wipe off the stain easily. As aluminium will not absorb any liquid, so there will be fewer worries for oil, sauce or any other spillage.

astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 27
astar aluminium kitchen cabinet 27

Aluminium Cabinets Are Safe

Last but not least, customers’ safety is also our priority. As our aluminium cabinets are fire rated, they can withstand a temperature up to 600 Degree Celsius and our powder-coating material can also withstand a temperature of 100 to 120 Degree Celsius for around one to two minutes. It is not as flammable as wooden furniture. Hence, it will never catch on fire and it might save you from experiencing such an unfortunate event.


Given the myriad of benefits aluminium cabinets bring to us, they are certainly worth the price in the long-run. The highly reliable cabinets will not give you a headache and save your maintenance cost. We supply high quality cabinets and feel free to contact us today for a free quote!

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