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A Star Furnishing Products Are Now Certified Green

July 24, 2020
astar furnishing green products

Global climate change has proved to be one of the challenges in our 21st century. With rising global temperature and extreme weather conditions all around the globe, humans have undoubtedly faced the serious ramifications of unsustainable economic growth. We can no longer ignore the climate implications as we progress as a nation. Sustainable development is perhaps the way to go, and that includes changing our lifestyle choices and incorporating technology to reduces our carbon footprint.

Green products are one of the key ways recognized to be worthwhile in the fight against global climate change. This is because the manufacturing of green products has a smaller environmental footprint, scare resource usage. Hence, green construction and building play an imperative role toward shaping a more environmentally future.

A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd is proud to announce that we are certified green by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC). This scheme is highly regarded as one of the key benchmarks for green products in the furniture manufacturing industry in Singapore. Administered by Building Certification Authority in Singapore, certified companies have gone through a series of rigorous product testing.

Green Furniture - Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd signature aluminum kitchen cabinet product are proven green by SGBC. Using only environmentally friendly materials, consumers do not have to worry of the harmful chemical effects that comes from the low-quality materials used by conventional cabinets in the market.

astar furnishing green product

Ever since we started manufacturing and supply aluminum furniture for suppliers in Singapore, we strive to produce the best, safest and clean furniture in Singapore. In terms of quality, we regularly ensure that our products perform way better than what our competitors can offer to consumers in Singapore.

Not only are our product environmentally green, our cabinets are also formaldehyde free. Hence, our products are very safe to use among families with elderly or children as our furniture will not cause any health and breathing damages.

Buying Eco Furniture

When you buy a furniture that is environmentally friendly, you help to save the environment by producing less waste and using less resources that may have detrimental effects to our environment. Also, it gives a strong signal to producers that you as consumers are willing to choose environmentally friendly products compared to other conventional ones, hence encouraging manufacturers to focus on eco products soon. Hence, consumers do actually play a pivotal role in saving our environment.

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astar furnishing green product 2

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